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Aug 21, 2013 11:00pm EDT
, what's the name of your friend that's a therapist? the woman. dana foley. she any good? yeah, she's terrific. you thinking of going? tia? who's that? it's that model i met on the plane. she sent you a christmas card? mm-hmm. and we're going out saturday night. my darling susan. my darling! what are you doing? date with fred. the religious guy? he's not that religious. let us pray. you got any double crunch? yeah. kramer, should i call susan? what does the little man inside you say? see, you got to listen to the little man. my little man doesn't know. the little man knows all. my little man's an idiot. she was clever. she put her picture on her card. i never do anything like that. i can do that for you. she kept such a nice, clean apartment. she was so sanitary. no. i was just thinking out loud. i don't want my picture on a card. i'll take care of everything. she made a big breakfast every sunday. i don't know what she put in those eggs. come on over, and i'll take your picture. really? can you really take a picture? he takes good pictures. he's got equipment. all right. i don't kn
Aug 19, 2013 11:00pm PDT
to both how my film company is run, with dana and how the old v, c is run. we have to remember we have successfully proved that you can run a major british institution for ten year was any public subsidy. we get no public subsidy. >> rose: you raise most of it. >> i sing and dance all the time for a fund-raising. that's why i'm trying to set up an endowment now for the old vic for the future so that the next artistic director didn't have to spend nearly as much time fund-raising as i have. >> rose: let's talk more about house of cards, an this in terms of what it means. because it seems to me that it means a lot to you. >> i'll tell you why. because for a long time television was not taken seriously as an art form. and i think in the last 15 years it finally has. >> rose: all the reasons we said. >> and it is very exciting to be a part of something that at the same time television is finally being seen as a genuine art form, technology has rushed forward at the same time. so the ways in which people are discover t the ways in which people are viewing it, the demands the audience is tel
Aug 6, 2013 12:00am PDT
at the dana-farber cancer institute where we can identify the patients who are, have a 50% chance of dying within the next six months and a few key, literally just some questions, 7 questions that should be asked of someone who is nearing death, that can make a huge difference. >> rose: like what? >> like dow understand what the status of your health s what your prognosis is. what are your biggest fears if your health worsens. what are your goals if time beings short? what are you willing to sacrifice, in time now, for the sake of time now. and the answers you get-- . >> rose: sacrifice time now for time later meaning. >> what are you willing to sacrifice, you know, medicine, what we give you will sacrifice l put new the hospital, sacrifice things that are important to you now what are you willing to sacrifice, what are you not willing to sacrifice now. and those answers, first of all they give a doctor and a team some guidance on what to offer. >> rose: a snapshot of the person's present. >> but even more it makes the person think and actually change their care. they become much more like
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)